About FuelEdge™

FuelEdge™ is a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software, integrated to provide the most comprehensive system for delivering fuel and tracking. Our exclusive system eliminates delivery and billing errors by capturing the exact amount of fuel delivered to every one of your vehicles. FuelEdge™ provides detailed management reports that let you analyze fuel usage through our secure Extranet.

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Quick Fuel Customers
As of Monday March 14th at 8:00am CST, please access your account information at www.QuickFuel.com.
If you have bookmarked either QuickNet or FuelEdge, please remove these and bookmark www.QuickFuel.com to access the new portal.

Important Note for non-Quick Fuel Customers
Soon, Quick Fuel will be deploying several upgrades, after which time you will need to access FuelEdge directly at
If you have bookmarked either www.quickfuel.com or www.usfleetservices.com to access FuelEdge, please be sure to delete it and bookmark
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